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51% of men believe a healthy diet is enough for good skin.

38% of men pay greater attention to their facial hair than their skin.

50% of men use moisturizer

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DG - Lamar

The products are a refreshing change to an over saturated industry where all the items look and feel the same.


DG - Doug

When trying new products you can get a bit suspicious, but I must say this product is AWESOME!! If you are a beard guy it's a must try!!


DG - Jerreau

This Conditioner keeps my beard, and the skin under it, really soft. My beard has a great sheen, and the skin underneath feels healthier.

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DG Digest Edition No.1

DG Digest Edition No.1

As the 2018 summer months approach, gentlemen I know you are desperately looking to add few new items to your existing summer threads. Here are a few pieces that will surely catapult your wardrobe to the next level.