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The Power of Charcoal

The Power of Exfoliating

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Revive Face Regimen

1. Wash your face with our REFINE face and beard wash

2. Follow up with ASTUTE. This activated charcoal  scrub should be used 2-3 times  week.

3. Hydrate you skin with our vitamin "E" rich DISTINCT moisturizer. Vitamin E: helps stimulate the repair and revitalization of cells. Use daily for softer, healthy-looking skin.

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Distinguished Beard Regimen

1. Wash your face with our REFINE face and beard wash

2. Apply a quarter sized portion of our KEEN beard conditioner to your clean dry beard. The Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil tame and soften unruly facial hair.

3. Apply KAI. The squalane in our oil helps cell elasticity & cell regeneration. (anti-aging)

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DG Gentlemens Regimen

All of our power packed ingredient in one. 

Use The Revive Face Regimen in the PM.

Use The Distinguished Beard Regimen in the AM.

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