DG Digest Edition No.1

As the 2018 summer months approach, gentlemen I know you are desperately looking to add few new items to your existing summer threads. Here are a few pieces that will surely catapult your wardrobe to the next level. 

Polo Shirts

Fellas enough with the white tees and sports attire. Like seriously, step your game up. If you really want to make a statement, invest your money and treat yourself to a couple of polo shirts. These shirts make men look instantly put together. It's also very unique in its versatility which complements the rest of your work wardrobe.

Tailored Shorts

All cargo shorts must be tossed out immediately I repeat TOSSED OUT IMMEDIATELY!!! Instead, treat yourself to a pair of chino shorts. They are shorter, slimmer and more flattering. Feel free to experiment and you'll see just how versatile they are. Dress them up with a nice oxford shirt/loafers or keep it casual with a tee shirt/sneakers. Either way, you can't go wrong.


Chino's an essential item of clothing for men across the world.  Its popularity continues to grow amongst men in every social class. You can now find Chino's in almost every store that sale men's clothing.  There are many styles, cuts and colors and in a variety of prices. With so many options to choose from, it's almost impossible to go wrong with purchasing a pair. When you want to give you jeans a rest, chinos are a great alternative. You really cannot go wrong with chinos... dress them up or down, either way, you win.

A Lightweight Hoodie

When it's time to hang with the fellas and hit the town, a lightweight hoodie is the way to go. Especially needed during chilly nights out. When it's all said and done, choose one that suits your personality.



Dedrick Ward - Personal Stylist - dward2709@gmail.com

7 Grooming Tips That All Gentlemen Should know

1. Become a regular at your barbers

It's important to book your appointment based on how fast your hair grows.  Too many men wait until their hair or beard is unmanageable and then head to the barbershop.  The grooming goal is to be proactive and not reactive, be ready at all times!

2. Find your Signature scent
Searching for the right fragrance may take a little time, but finding the right scent is worth every minute.  There are thousands of different colognes to choose from, but the key is selecting the right scent that will work with your body chemistry.  Have you ever purchased a fragrance that smelled great in the store, but when you spray it on it doesn't smell the same?  That fragrance is not for you!  Take the time to find out what works for you and make sure that you choose the right fragrance for the right season. Typically the woodsy and spicy scents are for the winter months, while lighter, citrus scents work best in spring and summer.

3.Don't neglect your smile
One thing that I have learned is that women immediately pay attention to 2 things, a man's shoes and his teeth.  A bright, healthy smile is a social necessity.  You do not want an ugly smile to be the focal point of all social activities.  According to American Dental Association, men are less likely than women to seek preventive dental care and may neglect their oral health for years.  So, gentlemen start a daily oral hygiene regimen by brushing twice a day, rinsing with mouthwash and flossing after every meal.


4.Properly Manscaping
Taking care of your lower region is as important as making sure your hair is well groomed.  Manscaping may seem a little taboo in 2018, but this should be an essential part of your grooming.  Research studies show that women prefer their male partner to be entirely or partially hair free.  When manscaping it's critical that you use separate trimmers for your beard and pubic hair, after all, that would be nasty!
5. Exfoliate
It's no secret that we are getting older and as we get older it takes longer for the skin to renew its self.  Dead skin cells can cause again, clogged pours, dull skin and ingrown hairs.  The best way to combat all of these issues is to exfoliate 1-3 times a week.  Gently massage scrub in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. May be used prior to shaving to promote a smooth, close shave.


6. Combat the Dryness
Using a moisturizer for your skin is often the last thing a man thinks about using.  Men wash their face and go on their way without realizing that their skin needs a little protection.  The benefits of using a moisturizer is that it wards off premature skin aging, keeps the skin looking healthy and helps relieve dry, irritated skin.


7. Nail your hand-care routine
Gentlemen women do not like a man with dirty nails!  Men typically tend to get their hands dirty more and stuff gets stuck in under our nails, so nailcare is extremely important.  People can tell a lot about a man that takes care of the small things.  So the next time you are sitting in that business meeting or on that date, you better believe that that person has looked at your hands.  You can clip your nails at home, or visit a local nail salon.  If you don’t feel comfortable visiting a nail salon, there may be male grooming lounge in your city. 


Men's Grooming Around the World

Every we will take the time out to highlight upscale Grooming Lounges and Barbershops around the world.  This month we are highlighting Barber at Bourdon House, London.  Read about the white glove treatment you will receive visiting this grooming Lounge.

Before every treatment with The Barber at Alfred Dunhill, the customer will be consulted for a detailed assessment of his needs. The client can relax in his surroundings - either by consulting his personal entertainment system or by simply enjoying some moments of quietude - as his Barber expertly crafts a cut to best complement the customer. We offer both maintenance appointments - for the trimming and refreshment of a customer’s established hairstyle - or re-style appointments, in which the customer and his barber work together to upgrade his look. Naturally, The Barber can provide a faultless wet shave or a considered beard trim. And there is a whole panoply of further Spa services on offer too.


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